Apologies & further erotic adventures in Germany

I am back in the saddle…


Hello to all you lovely people, that have been worrying about me these past few days.

Just want to say: Yes, I am alive, healthy, happy and I didn’t forget you 😉 A couple of days ago I lost a loved one and had been busy with arranging stuff in Germany, dealing with a lot of very emotional and sad things, things that had to be done and took a lot of time and energy. I took that time for myself and my family and decided to not check my emails or answer my phone for a couple of days. Now, back with recharged powers, I will tackle the heap of worried, caring and absolutely lovely emails I received from you and make sure you receive the answers you have been waiting for! And of course, I will be swinging the whip again 😉

However, following my mantra, that if life gives you lemons you should ask for salt and tequila, I decided to turn that overshadowed stay in Germany into a possibility for further erotic adventures in Nürnberg and Munich. Let’s celebrate life together and make the most of it!

As always in Nürnberg, I will be available with my sister Alexa (only Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th of May). For more information about the striking duo, you can crawl to this link. I will be in the Passion Factory, on appointment, from the 2nd to the 9th of May. After that, my holiday in Poland will follow (information coming soon!), and since the flights are already booked, I will stick to my original plan to be in Nürnberg also from the 16th to 20th of May! So this time, you are very lucky and will have the pleasure to see your Mistress twice 😉 As always, it is recommended to make your appointment well in advance to avoid any disappointment.

I am also available in Munich for kinky encounters from 20th – 21st of May. Further information on that will follow!

This of course, means, that you – my dear kinky slave / pet / servant / worshipper in Madrid – will have to miss me for some time again. I hope to see you very soon after my return: From on May 22nd! Of course, you are more than welcome to visit me in Germany as well, should the urges become unbearable…

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