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Currently in Nürnberg     |     Soon in Madrid

Rose Obscura (Sub)

A beautiful English Rose in Madrid that definitely has a few dark petals and enjoys the thorny pleasures of BDSM. Rose is a well-educated sub girl in her early 20s that loves pretty much everything sinful, perverted and forbidden. She is a very sensual person by nature, gifted with an amazing body, a sharp wit and an insatiable ambition – both, in her professional field as also when making new sexual experiences.

Rose is not very masochistic and doesn’t enjoy hard whipping or caning, she is however fond of spanking and light corporal punishment. She enjoys the psychological aspect of being dominated and to be a (dis)obedient servant for our pleasure. This open-minded submissa does definitely have a soft spot for skilful Bondage play. Once she is tied up she loves to be fondlet, used and thaught how to be a good girl.

Rose has a very kinky side to her and takes pleasure in feeling Mistress or Masters touch on her skin – especially in the form of warm golden showers on her perky breasts and perfect curves. She is also a bit of an exhibitionist and loves to show of her long legs in sexy stockings and her youthful, trained body in daring Fetish wear.

She enjoys when you watch her squirm while Mistress is torturing her with electro stimulation or needles – and Mistress loves to endlessly tease her, making her enjoy your hard manhood or her big strap-on, get her hot and bothered and finally allowing Rose to reach climax when being treated with the magic wand – over and over again.

Rose also has a voyeuristic passion and is curious to watch when Mistress is playing with one of her subs - She gladly assists in teasing and torturing. Here are Rose´s limits, for your consideration: Anything unsafe or illegal, nipple clamps or weights, hard corporal punishment, permanent marks, fisting (vaginal, anal), scat play, anal (might be considered with regulars)