‘A first encounter with Mistress Marlene’

My aspirant for ‘personal slave’ tells about our 1st meeting


This text has been written by Slave J, a submissive male, that aspires to become my personal property and servant: A long, hard but surely exciting and educational journey into absolute submission. Since we first got in contact we had the pleasure (and yes, with this particular man – devoted, passionate and dedicated- it is a truly an absolute pleasure!) of lively written correspondence and I am very much looking forward to train and mold him until he has become my perfect slave to serve me in every way possible. In this blog post, he tells in his own words about our very first meeting in Madrid, where we not only had the chance to get to know each other on a personal level but also enjoyed the first (careful and testing) interactions between slave and mistress. I enjoyed being served and worshipped by an experienced sub and he received not only the honour of being punished and trained but due to his great effort was allowed a very special treat by his new mistress…

Things happened extremely fast over two days. I had been in a ”low” mode (from the BDSM point of view) for several months. In fact, after things with Mistress A in Valencia had fallen apart (perhaps because they had never really started), I was almost sure my BDSM “career” was behind me. I tried to focus my mind on other things like sports, and at times occasional light play and that would be it.
Nonetheless, I decided to take a “peak” on the internet, motivated by deep memories of group sessions in Barcelona years ago.
Mistress Marlene – German Mistress, living in Madrid- caught my attention immediately. Her web is elegant, sober and extremely intriguing. Giving all the necessary information about herself, but not an inch more. Her pictures, carefully taken and chosen, give you an idea of her majesty, her beauty, her overwhelming class and sophistication. But also her fresh and young style. Connected to several web-based networks, and very direct talk about what she liked and disliked, would she would do and not do, showed the experienced reader you were in front of someone very special, someone you don’t meet every day, maybe never in a lifetime.
We started corresponding immediately. She writes marvelously well, and I was lucky as she seemed to enjoy my introductory letters and accepted to have an introductory session with me. Her preparation instructions were very clear and direct, however I struggled to fulfill them as she accepted to meet me at short notice.
I arrived a few minutes ahead of my appointment, which had been set at 15:30. I had “un agua” at the corner bar whilst I waited, and even had time to browse a beautiful shop window of vintage clothing on the same street. 15:30. I stood in front of the door, with the bouquet of flowers I was bringing for Mistress, and rang. Mistress Marlene, very tall, beautiful face and figure, with a warm and young smile, welcomed me. I was lucky as my behavioural instructions were very clear. I knelt, offered her the flowers, and went down to kiss her black felt high-heeled shoes. I was asked to stand up and take a seat at one of the tables. The place is full of charm: several small tables café-style, and a staircase that leads to the dungeon.
We had a nice chat over a wonderfully-set table with red wine and water – something that shows the high level of sophistication and education of Mistress Marlene. I think I nervously talked a lot, maybe too much, and asked very little. I repeated myself, but Mistress Marlene seemed to be enjoying the conversation. I was able to see a smile of satisfaction on her face a couple of occasions: when I mentioned I would gladly engage in public sessions and also when I clarified I had no physical restrictions around kneeling or crawling. I was very happy to see that smile, and said to myself I would strive to make Mistress happy and be able to see that smile as often as I could. After she had understood a bit what I was about, she ordered: “You now take your jacket, tie, shoes and socks off. You can finish your cigarette also, and I’ll wait for you downstairs”.
I walked down, and my training started.
The dungeon was marvelously spacious. Mistress Marlene was beautifully dressed with a one-piece black dress, black very sexy stockings and the black high-heeled shoes I had kissed before. I was extremely nervous. On her website she was very clear as to not allowing any direct contact above her feet, so I was going to be very, very careful not to be tempted by any contact whatsoever unless so instructed.
“Stand in front of me, legs further apart”. “I want your legs always far apart when you are in front of me, is this clear?” she said.
“Yes Mistress”, I replied.
“Now put your hands behind your back”, which I did
And then Mistress Marlene started taking my shirt of, with an extremely soft and erotic touch, which still makes me shiver when I think about it. I looked down, not daring to look at Her Highness in the eyes.
Off went my shirt, pants and undershorts. Mistress took me to one side of the room, and taught me her second ground rule: “when I make you lean, you need to show me your cheeks, make them stand out so I can punish them well” She gave me a light spanking bare-handed on my cheeks, and also told me I had to exercise to make them firmer (since them I’m exercising them every day!).
Immediately after, Mistress put on leather shackles on my wrists, and made me turn around: the St. Andreas cross was in front of me. I immediately felt that cross was going to be a good friend of mine, that it was going to be with me for a lot of pain and pleasure. Mistress firmed up my wrists, however not my ankles. I had to be reminded again that I should put my cheeks out more: I will remember this for the future. Mistress administered some light spanking with a flogger on my back and cheeks, clearly was just “testing the ground”. I thanked and counted.
Then came my third commandment: “Thou shalt not grumble”. “Slave, you need to speak up to Your Mistress, no grumbling, Yes Mistress No Mistress but speak up is that clear? “Yes Mistress!”
Mistress made me turn around. I caught her eye, and loved it. The pleasure of being able to face her didn’t last long , as she decided to blindfold me. When she went off to look for the blindfold, I was able to see her figure from behind and her super erotic way of walking, which drove me to heaven.
In a way, I was happy to be blindfolded, since I did not know if Mistress had a rule about looking at her into the eyes, or looking at her at all!. So being blindfolded was a way of not disobeying any rules. Before blindfolding me, Mistress gave me a kiss in the mouth, a sweet and erotic kiss, but with the blindfold between our lips. It drove me absolutely crazy just the same!
Once blindfolded. Mistress took me through some nipple and ball training, mainly to get a feel for my level and what I would be able to endure, I thought.
By then, even though I did not have an erection, I guess out of nervousness and respect, I was dripping profusely. Mistress took some of my pre-cum and made me lick it from her hand, which gave the opportunity to lick her beautiful fingers. “Thank-you Mistress”.
I then received my fourth commandment, and the one most difficult, or impossible, to accomplish: “Thou shalt not drip”. I was going to be punished later for dripping.
Mistress Marlene took me down from the cross, and made me kneel in front of her to put a metal chastity device on. I did not manage to put it on correctly, which made my Mistress angry and frustrated with me. I got even more nervous and behaved like a coward, when Mistress kicked my balls, moving back instead of offering them bravely for the next blow as I should have done…I finally put it on, though not perfectly, and Mistress took the key and put inside her red panty, which she allowed me to get a glimpse of: “forbidden territory for slaves” she said with a smile as she was hiding the key in that forbidden territory, called heaven.
She then sat down on a throne that governs the very large dungeon-room we were in. It is absolutely Royal and wonderful. She had me lick her shoes clean. After making her angry with the chastity cage, I worked very hard with my mouth and tongue on her shoes. Top, soles, heels, which I put down all the way down in my mouth to my throat, made her apparently satisfied with my work. I saw a happiness gleam on her eyes, which I loved to watch, when I was almost choking with her heels down my throat. I was rewarded with being allowed to take her shoes off and worship her feet with her stockings on, which was absolutely intoxicating, and even later adore Mistress’ bare feet and toes, which was a dream come true. I did my best to give her pleasure. More than my best. I had been well trained many years ago by Mistress V on foot worship. I have lost a bit of practice ever since but it started to come back quickly. I licked and licked (I saw Mistress likes getting licked), and sucked and caressed. I think I delivered some satisfaction to my Mistress, at least so I hope!
I carefully put Mistresses stockings back on, which I felt a bit clumsy at, and which is something I hope I’m allowed to get a lot better at, so one day as a personal slave I dream of dressing up my Mistress for parties, for work, or for sessions of cuckolding with her lover.
Mistress Marlene then made me sum up –in an interrogation type mode- what I had done well, not so well and badly, and concluded that I had done some things well but also several things badly, for which I needed punishment.
For this, she made me lie on a bench (without any bondage, which makes taking punishment a lot harder), and gave me fifty counted blows with a flogger and fifty barehanded, which I took happily and thanked Mistress for.
Mistress then made me crawl on my knees to bring her a glass of wine while she relaxed on the throne. She ordered me to come close and with the help of some lubricating gel started stroking my penis till it got extremely excited. I dared and asked for permission to put my arms around her, which she graciously accepted. I was expecting denial at any time, but she did not say anything and continued. When I was reaching the point of no return I warned: “Mistress I’m going to come”, and she responded: “Yes you may come”, to what I replied with an incredible explosion. Mistress continued to stroke me for a while thus ensuring she had completely emptied me…
I thanked Mistress and will thank her a thousand times for this first session, and for allowing me to continue my training with her. I don’t know for sure in which direction and to which port, but what I do know is that if Mistress allows me, I want to follow obediently, humbly and passionately whatever path Mistress Marlene decides I should take…

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