Cold Caning – Mistress Marlene punishes her slave

A third encounter with Mistress Marlene


My aspirant for personal slave (J.) has written a follow-up to his first text First encounter with Mistress Marlene‘. Now he describes his experiences during our third session together in charming downtown-dungeon La Pasteleria in Madrid. In the meantime, between our sessions, slave J. did meet me to carry out little tasks for his mistress: He provided a chauffeur services for me and one of my girlfriends (Miss Vicky), we enjoyed coffee & chats and we even went to a fetish shop together to purchase a wonderful chastity device in which he was locked straight away in the shop and wouldn’t be allowed to come out until I had to fly to Germany for a couple of weeks. Another beautiful souvenir from that shopping trip was the powerful bullwhip, that slave J. gave me, his mistress, as a present. However, that one will still need to be tested…

It was a sunny/rainy Saturday afternoon in the Madrid still-to-come spring. The environment in the streets around La Pastelería was very different than during weekdays. My pre-session refuge, the bar just in front was closing when I arrived. Twenty minutes before five, the hour of our encounter. A few bars were open, mostly packed with Madrileans happily drinking their Saturday away…

We have had two sessions before and my thoughts before this session were a bit different than in other two.  After the sessions, the last two times I had seen Mistress in a public environment. Once for driving Miss Vicky and the last time for picking up Mistress from the airport.

I had done all my tasks, Mistress had given me, except for the one day that I had arrived late in the hotel and forgot to do my 10 minutes butt-shaping exercise. I had behaved, I thought. I had nothing to worry about. I had real emotions of seeing Mistress again, as a slave but also as a man, more like a male friend perhaps. I had fear, yes, but less fear than before.

However, at five on the dot, when Mistress opened La Pastelería for me, and I entered, rose in hand, and after my usual clumsy tripping over the entrance steps, I quickly knelt down and was able to see Her Majesty in all her splendor, my heart shrunk to its minimal expression. I kissed her magnificent domina boots trying to do my best, licking hard so She could feel my tongue through the leather. She was fully dressed as a Dominatrix, with leather boots that covered Her knees, a leather mini skirt and very sexy top, and a cloak that gave Her a magnificent air of a great Goddess.

I offered Her ‘the rose of St. George’ (a custom from Catalonia) , and Mistress offered me some wine and we had a quick chat.

Mistress went down and called me, so following the ritual, I walked down barefoot but with my shirt and pants on.  I find this part of our sessions very exciting. I walk to the middle of the room stand in front of Mistress, look up to Her, and She starts to undress me. This moment is charged with erotism but also with power and submission, since Mistress undresses me with the security and calmness of someone that is undressing a toy or an object of Her property.

“Very good” I see you remember to keep your legs apart, said Mistress as She finished undressing me. “Now we’re going to talk about your tasks” She said with her very firm British accent; I’ve checked, and am indeed very happy you sent all the pictures, even the most challenging ones”. I smiled. “Thank-you Mistress”.

“However, you forgot your ten-minute exercises one day, slave”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress”, I replied, really thinking it was a minor fault.

“You will be punished for that, slave”

“Yes Mistress”…

And immediately Mistress tied my hands to the throne, and made me stand in a very sporty and uncomfortable squat position. “You will stay in this position ten minutes slave, the rope between your hands and the throne must stay tense, if you move it will not be tense, you may not move under any circumstance, is that clear slave?”

“Yes Mistress” I said

I was still in a kind of warming up mode and kind of thought Mistress was too. I was very mistaken.

Immediately after Mistress picked up an instrument to punish me (later I found out it was a cane) and my ordeal started: 1, 2, 3, “Count” “Thank-you Mistress”…

I started sweating. The blows on my cheeks and the back of my legs were extremely crisp and much more painful than on the previous session…”You are moving too much” “Sorry Mistress” I was pleading…”ten”…”You have moved and are not squatting enough, we’re going to have to start all over again”…”Mistress, I’m really sorry”… I suffering and sweating. This punishment caught me really by surprise. I really wanted (and continue to want) to suffer extremely cruel and severe punishments for Mistress, but in that moment of fantasy-becoming-reality all you want is the punishment to stop. And especially in this strenuous position where you really need to keep yourself in place, as the rope is there just to let Mistress know if you are moving or not.

So the ordeal started again, same cheeks and very similar area. 1,2,3,4, I was sweating incredibly, my eyes were stinging…10.. Thank-you Mistress!!!

I was even a bit surprised I was suffering so much. However, I think it was the caning, which is a lot tougher than flogging and a lot crispier. Mistress later told me the whole caning lasted  three minutes or so; I thought half an hour had gone by…it’s incredible how intoxicating and erotic the thought of getting caned is before as well as afterwards, when you get to see your marks, but during the caning all you want is to escape from it. I thank Mistress for this, and hope She will take me through many more, since I think it’s under punishment,  in that very moment when he wants to escape,  that a slave can show his braveness and devotion to his Mistress.

Mistress then got in front of me and by pinching my nipples, had me do squatting exercises: up, dow, up, down, that I thought was fun and amusing since I saw Mistress smiling and I was able to see her face while she tortures me, which is the best thing in the world for me.

Then, with the gracefulness of a great Goddess, once untied, Mistress guided me to the cross. And then my second ordeal started: my tease and denial torture which I had to endure since I had impure thoughts and dreams about Mistress during the time she was gone. She told me, that with this torture I would need to learn how to control my lust and my thoughts. She started stroking me while ordering me to tell her about my sexual dreams in every little detail: stroke, stroke, stroke, “Please Mistress stop or I will come”, to which Mistress gets very, very angry, and normally beats my penis (which is a punishment I really hate). I finally decided to tell Mistress: this hurts a lot Mistress, “I know it hurts slave”. Pins on my testicles, and then start again stroke, stroke, this time getting very, very close to me, I was very close to reaching out and kissing Mistress, her lips were so incredibly close!! I was about to do it a couple of times, but finally, I was too afraid of upsetting Mistress and the punishment could have been terrifying…again stroke, stroke, Oh My God, I could not resist, I hated to say “Please stop” but at the same time was so afraid of ruining the session, this was driving me crazy!!

Tiered of my weak efforts to resist the stimulation, Mistress decided something totally new for me: the set of penis plugs (sounds). I was terrified. I had seen them and was sure I would never in my life try something like this. I was very very close to say “Mistress, no I cannot take that”…but with Mistress Marlene I will not say no to anything, whether I like it or not, I’m going to take it, do it; I need to show Her that I can qualify for permanent slavery, I want to take her marks, I want to be branded, I will say no to nothing!

So I took the penis plugs: “we will start wth nr. 1”…I have to say it was almost pleasurable, however then can 2, and 3….i was too scared to even look: I said to myself, She knows what she is doing, She is having fun, so be it, but I cannot look, I was horrified.

And in the middle of all of this, she had made me feel the little spikes machine (Wartenberg wheel) all over my penis and surroundings. “Thank-you Mistress”.

I now want to take more penis plugs (sounds), I want to go up the penis plug ladder, however I cannot think of looking, I don’t know if I can take looking…

Mistress stopped at nr. 3. “Thank-you Mistress” I will take more, I promise…

I thought the tease and denial cycle would continue, to which I was terrified, since I was not sure how much more I could take. But it stopped.

Mistress had me crawl to the throne, where She graciously positioned herself, and decided to put a chasity device on me, a CB-6000 I think. I was extremely happy, as it is eliminating the risk of coming without permission. Mistress smiled at my comment. Once fitted, She put a collar and leash around my neck, and tied the leash to the throne. She then took me through the most erotic and memorable part of the session: while pinching my nipples (my hands were behind me), Mistress addressed one of my major sin whilst she had been away: having impure thoughts about My Mistress. “You have to learn, you are not a man, you are a slave” “Repeat it”. “Im not a man, I’m a slave”. Having to say that was very very humiliating, Yes I want to be Mistress’ slave above anything else in the world, but I also want to be a man. Why should they be totally incompatible?” I was saying to myself. I also ask myself: What about Mistress’ previous personal slave, was he totally not a man? Could he never have manly thoughts? Was he always in chastity? Did he wear a chastity device? Was he never never allowed to be intimate with Mistress? These are all questions I ask myself but do not have the courage to ask Mistress…

“Slave, in a few weeks you are going to take me out to a very nice Restaurant, we will have a very nice and relaxing dinner together, then afterwards I will take you over to my house; I will tie you up to my bed just like you are tied up now, with a collar and leash. I will call in my partner, and I will take off all my clothes, and I will let you watch how I ride him and how he makes me scream of pleasure. I will look at you, little slave, in the eyes, and say:’ this is a real man, you are not a man you are a slave’…”

These words stuck to my mind like they had been engraved with fire. But that was not the end.

Mistress took me by the leash and had me crawl on the bench. I immediately thought I was up to yet another beating, but no, it was worse than that. I had to repeat ten times, and loudly: “I am not a man I’m a slave…”

By now, Mistress had punished me and disciplined me extensively  for my misbehaviour whilst She was away in Germany. But She had also spoken about some potential treats, I kept thinking if they would ever come… and they did.

Mistress dragged me to the throne, told me I had endured the punishment well enough for her enjoyment this time and started stroking me with me kneeling in front of Her. I asked if I could put my arms around her, and got permission to put one arm around Goddess.

When approaching the point of no return, I asked Mistress can I come?

Yes slave you may….

One week later, I am proud to see my marks every day on the mirror.

Thank-you Mistress. Thank-you Mistress.

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